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Birthday presents

I've been catching up on birthday presents recently, for the wonderful people at the John & Teyla ship thread on Gateworld.

Here's some of the results... (all made for specific people so please do not snurch without permission, thanks.) 

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Carson eek!

Icontests and LIMS

Do you like icontests and LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing), just like me? If so, there's a couple of icontests/LIMS that are starting a new round, so now's you chance to get involved!

First of all, for SGA fans out there:

lantis_lims is a LIMS competition for SGA, with no focus on one specific character or episode. Each week participants are provided with between 5-12 caps and are assigned the task of making one icon entry unless otherwise stated. These caps may be chosen by theme, gender, episode, colour etc. You will be informed of the challenge requirements.

Then for the fans of Paul McGillion there is:

pm_icontest, an icon contest and LIMS for the fandom that is Mr. Paul McGillion. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!
The focus is on Paul McGillion. This means that the challenges could include everything from Dr. Carson Beckett to Con Photography to quotes to See Grace Fly. Anything that is Paul McGillion related will be fair game here.

And last but not least for the fans of David Hewlett:

dh_icontest, an icon contest and LIMS for the fandom that is David Hewlett. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!
The focus is on David Hewlett. This means that the challenges could include everything from Rodney Mckay to Con Photograhy to quotes to Nothing. Anything that is David Hewlett related will be fair game here.

I'll be taking part in all 3 of them, do join me and show off your work! And if you've never made icons before, it's a perfect way to get feedback on your first tries.
Serious JT

Vancouver pics: final part

Finally! I found some time to post the pics of the last day of the Vancouver con, Sunday.

In the morning I went on another (extra) tour of Gateworks and a prop depot. We saw props being made for upcoming episodes of Stargate Atlantis. They showed us the SG-1 gate and the puddlejumper that are used on location and lots of Stargate props/costumes. Huge rooms, filled to the brim with Stargate props, unbelievable! Can't post pics though, the waiver thing again. :(

In the afternoon, there were stage appearances by Bruce Woloshyn (digital effects), John Smith (Executive Producer), Rainbow Sun Franks, Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig. I missed Bruce's part because of the tour and didn't have any good pics of John and Rainbow, so I'm borrowing some from my friend Neelan_Liquor.

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I also got to be the photographer during the interview doublecut (one of the editors on Gateworld) had with Lexa Doig. Lots of great pics, but unfortunately I can't post them since they're technically Gateworld's pics. Maybe after they post the interview...

I also had a great photo op with Michael and Lexa, hilarious in my opinion:

Can't wait to have that one signed when I see the both of them in Chicago.

And finally, the ultimate souvenir from Vancouver (besides all the new friendships): my autographed cube. Some of you may know this already, but I made a cube to remind me of my trip. I photoshopped pictures of all the celebs I would see together and made 6 squares, which fit into a plastic cube I made.
(I apologize for the quality of the scans, I made them in a hurry so pardon the dust and the crookedness. I also blurred my name because I posted them on Gateworld)

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Also, the side with the gate pic has autographs by Chris Heyerdahl and David Nykl, 2 guests I didn't know I would get to meet so I had no pics ready for them. :) 

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pics from my little adventure into the Stargate mecca. I hope I convinced some of you that going to conventions is something you should definitely do (if you can afford it).

Richard Dean


I know quite a few of my LJ friends love to make icons, so here's a new 'last iconmaker standing' (LIMS) community you might consider joining. 


sg1_limsfocuses on iconmaking for Stargate SG-1. The regular LIMS format applies: each participant submits 1 icon, everyone votes and comments, the weakest iconmaker gets eliminated. 

Round 1 Challenge Themes: Uniforms & BDUs // The Men of SG-1 // The Women of SG-1 // Bondage (a.k.a., Can I Get Back to You? I'm Kind of Tied Up Right Now.) // I'm Too Sexy // Landscapes & Stargates // Off-Duty // In the Line of Fire (Caught in the Act of Firing Weapons) // Spaced! // Humor // Food & Drink // Alternate Universes

Signup is open now, I've signed up, maybe you should too? ;-)

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Vancouver pics part 3

Alright, as promised, some more pics from Vancouver:

Friday night cabaret 

Preview pics:

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On Saturday morning we had the set tours (can't post of that publically, signed a waiver), those were an amazing experience, and ended with the best photo op ever!


In the afternoon there were stage appearances by Jason Momoa, Gary Jones, Martin Gero, Corin Nemec, Chuck Campbell there was a Continuum panel with Brad Wright and Martin Wood. Oh, and BamBam crashed Jason's Q&A session. And everyone signed autographs, which was unexpected.

Some pics from my 'not-so-good' camera:

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  Saturday evening there was the Dessert party, featuring 7 of the guests, they came around to the tables to talk to everyone. 

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Pics from Sunday to follow later...
Orange Shep

Vancouver pics part 2

Here's some more pics from the convention. Again, for the pics of people on stage I was 9 rows back so not great quality. :(

Friday on stage: Alex Zahara, Alexis Cruz, James 'Bambam' Bamford and Kavan Smith.


In the evening there was a celebrity cabaret featuring skits by Alexis Cruz and a stunt show performed by Jason Momoa, Bambam and 3 stuntmen. I don't have pics of that show but I'm gathering some from other people, maybe I'll get to post them.

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Vancouver pics part 1

I'm in Vancouver! At the Stargate con! :)

Thought I'd share a couple of thoughts and pictures, I will write a full report once I'm home again.

Preview pics:

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I am so amazingly glad I came, this is the experience of a lifetime!
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