elephantgirl (to_elephantgirl) wrote,

Ben Browder Music Video

I made a Ben Browder video for the Creation Chicago Stargate Convention that went on this weekend. It was sent in as entry for the Ben Music Video Contest they had, as an intro video to bring Ben up on stage.

And you know what? IT WON!

So here it is, my second video ever and a Creation 2008 Music Video Contest Winner:

So they played it right before Ben Browder was announced on stage. At the autograph signing I asked Ben what he thought of the video and he said that he loved it, though he did seem to fall over a lot! 

I've posted it on Youtube for now, until I find a better way to spread the Ben love. ;)

PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS HERE, not on Youtube, that way I can keep the comments if I decide to move the vid, thanks.



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