April 15th, 2008

Richard Dean


I know quite a few of my LJ friends love to make icons, so here's a new 'last iconmaker standing' (LIMS) community you might consider joining. 


sg1_limsfocuses on iconmaking for Stargate SG-1. The regular LIMS format applies: each participant submits 1 icon, everyone votes and comments, the weakest iconmaker gets eliminated. 

Round 1 Challenge Themes: Uniforms & BDUs // The Men of SG-1 // The Women of SG-1 // Bondage (a.k.a., Can I Get Back to You? I'm Kind of Tied Up Right Now.) // I'm Too Sexy // Landscapes & Stargates // Off-Duty // In the Line of Fire (Caught in the Act of Firing Weapons) // Spaced! // Humor // Food & Drink // Alternate Universes

Signup is open now, I've signed up, maybe you should too? ;-)