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Fedcon Saturday (part 2)

The next actor panel featured Gareth David-Lloyd, Ianto Jones on Torchwood. It was the first time anyone from Torchwood came to Fedcon, so he was very excited to be there. He talked about how he's both acting and playing with his band Blue Gillespie. He brought in some CDs to sell at the convention but there was an issue with one of the tracks so he didn't want to sell them. He did let people check out the artwork at the signing table. Someone asked why he was wearing the hat, his answer was 'to keep the talent in'.

When asked whether he'd like to be on Doctor Who, get to go in the Tardis and such, he explained how on set they'd have to go through the Tardis set on the way to the Torchwood set, so he wouldn't be that excited about it, got to see it every day. So one of the fans asked him to go stand by the Tardis on the stage and happily obliged for some pictures. He also got asked to list things to do with a stopwatch... and no, he doesn't have the prop stopwatch from the show.

He talked about how he got to keep all the shirts that Ianto wore on Torchwood but that he didn't wear them because he'd be 'that guy in the costume'. It's not quite his style... I enjoyed his panel quite a bit, he's a quirky guy, though I think I prefer to think of Ianto as himself and not as Gareth. I think I secretly prefer Ianto. Sorry, Gareth, you're pretty cool, but somehow I prefer the coffee-boy.

Next up was Aaron Douglas, Chief Tyrrol on Battlestar Galactica as well as quite a few other scifi series. I missed some of his panel due to a photo op, but I caught some fun stories. The most intriguing one is one where he was at a party at Ron Moore's house and found some notes lying around. Those notes mentioned who the cylons were and Aaron had to keep quiet for 3 months until they finally announced it to the crew. He said it was very frustrating not to be able to tell. And when they did find out, Michael Hogan kept repeating that he wasn't a cylon. Guess he couldn't accept it, lol.

He also told a funny story about how he had his son on set and how the kid was way impressed with Katee Sackhoff because she actually flies the vipers instead of 'just' fixing them. His admiration for her did decrease somewhat when she refused to take him for a ride.

Aaron's panel was quite funny, maybe because there was quite a bit of drinking going on on stage. Aaron joked about how David Hewlett wasn't there to bring him a beer (since he brought David one on stage the day before). Aaron kept on stage for too long, so Kandyse McClure came on stage and dragged him off because her panel was up next.

Kandyse McClure came on stage wearing a dress from H&M as she proudly announced when someone complimented her on her outfit. She told about how she went to the Battlestar Galactica audition for Duala having no idea what kind of audition it would be. She had to ramble on a lits of terms and numbers that didn't mean anything so she was convinced the job wasn't for her. But then her agent called that she had the job! She enjoyed how her character was promoted for a little while, even though according to military hierarchy she couldn't have had that particular post. When asked how she prepared for the death scene, she got really emotional and admitted she talked to some friends who had considered suicide. It was a very emotional scene to do. This brought her to comment on the fact that she doesn't let her mom watch her shows because her mom can't seem to distinguish her daughter from the characters she's playing. So Kandyse would get phone calls from her very upset mom because she got hurt on screen.

Another topic was Hayden Christensen and how much she enjoyed working with him on the TV series Higher Ground. She was very annoyed that that series got cancelled partially because Hayden got cast in Star Wars.
I wasn't too impressed by Kandyse's panel, for some reason she seemed not as nice as a person as I expected. A lot of 'look how cool I am', which tends to bug me. I loved her as Duala though, so I guess she's another person I appreciate more as the character I know her as...

After this panel, there was the costume contest. Lots of weird getups, which I won't show because they weren't all kid-friendly, LOL. The winner was an outfit from The Fifth Element, the lady sang on stage and received a grand applause. Manu Intiraymi and Terry Farrell were part of the jury and seemed to have a great time.

During the costume contest I saw Gordon Michael Woolvett enter the back of the room so I went up to him and had a little chat with him. He was very entertained by all the costumes and thought the convention was a blast!

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